Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pay Per Click

There are many factors that go into managing a Google Ad words Account that require careful consideration and adjustments to get the best results and Return on Investment. These Adjustments are explained in detail below (in no particular order):

Keyword Selection: - The process of finding the correct keywords to target, and those that give the best Return on Investment.

Keyword Matching:- Making use of keyword matching options available including broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative match as well as employing embedded matching where necessary.

Position Preference:- Selection of the preferred preference of your ads to attract the visitors who are most likely to 'convert' into paying customers.

Pay Per Click

Country/Region targeting:- 
We can target your ads to specific countries and change those ads depending on their intended audience.

Language Targeting:- Target your ads to only people who speak a certain language.

Start/End Dates:- Specify start and end dates for your campaigns.

Budget:- Preset a specific amount to be spent daily on your entire account or across various campaigns.

Ad Scheduling:- Run your ads at certain times of the day, or certain days per week to maximize ROI.

Google Networks:- Choose to show your ads only on Google, Google's Search Network, and the Content Network.

Keyword Bids:- Manage bids on each individual keyword as well as setting the price for content bids on Google's Content Network.

Exclude Sites:- Exclude sites to show your ads on Google's Content Network or choose those that you wish to display your ads on.

Campaign Creation:-Create different campaigns to maximize your ROI. Separate countries to target, languages to target, create separate budgets for different departments in your company etc.

Ad Group Creation:- Create unique Ad Groups for different products or services.

Conversion Tracking:- Monitor conversions from a visitor to a paying customer or determine your own conversions such as a series of page views, signup to a newsletter, or a web site enquiry.

Cross Channel Tracking:- Track other online advertising campaigns through your Google Ad words Account. Yahoo Search Marketing, Banner Ads, email campaigns, etc.

Analytics Setup/Monitoring:- Track your visitors with Google Analytics to view a huge range of information including:

PPC Management
  • Daily Visitors
  • Visits & Page view Tracking
  • Goal Conversion Tracking (Requires additional setup)
  • Absolute Unique Visitors
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Visitor Regency
  • New vs. Returning
  • Referring Source
  • Geo Location
  • Network Location
  • Language
  • Domains
  • CPC Analysis
  • Ad Words Analysis
  • Overall Keyword Conversion
  • Ad Words Keywords Positions
  • CPC vs. Organic Conversions
  • Ad Version Testing
  • Top Content
  • Dynamic Content
  • Depth of Visit
  • Length of Visit
  • Entrance Bounce Rates
  • Top Exit Points
  • Goal Tracking (Requires additional setup)
  • Browser Versions
  • Platform Versions
  • Screen Resolutions
  • and More!!!
All this information is combined into a successful advertising campaign that will reduce the number of impressions, reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC), increase your Click Through Rate (CTR), increase your quality score, and increase your Return On Investment (ROI) read continue


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